A secret that my boyfriend is afraid to tell.

A secret that my boyfriend is afraid to tell.

You must be scared.

as the same kind, we are well aware that boys need to find a place to be an emotional trash can from time to time.

but obviously, girls will not think so, not to mention this complaint, even a look, a movement, they will interpret as "he is not the same", "he is not in love" this dangerous idea.

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procrastinating going home is a habit I developed since I was a child.

and a few years later, this behavior has just changed its pattern and is still imprinted on me.

many times when my girlfriend is waiting for me at home, she will ask me where I am, and I will quickly reply, "it's almost there. There's a traffic jam." , and then send the rest, or hit the Arena of Valor, before slowly walking into the elevator room upstairs.

but unlike girls, boys need to be alone.

this end is firewood, rice, oil and salt. I am my boyfriend and the shovel officer of the cat. I exist to provide companionship.

there is pressure in the face of the boss, nagging in the face of mother, emotion in the face of girlfriend, cat and cat litter.

only when I am alone can there be a moment so that I can just be myself.

even if it's only fifteen minutes.

"I often ask you out to get close to your best friend."

I just broke up with my fourth girlfriend yesterday.

at that time, they used to send a meme in the group: "actually, I approached you because of your best friend."

at first, I really didn't have any feelings for her. Even though I was dating, I just wanted to ask my best friend about her current situation and preferences.

I giggled a few times and didn't tell her that I was not clingy, but I really had no feelings for her.

I remember that day, she put on a new red dress for me, secretly bought the wallet I had been talking about for a long time, and made a cake for me.

I appreciate it, but that's it.

but that night, I talked to your best friend until 5: 00 in the morning and asked her to call me up the next morning.

clinging to you all the time will make me "broken".

actually playing that game doesn't make me feel happy, but even if I stick to that seat and start the game one after another, it doesn't matter whether I win or lose, anyway, it's just killing time. It can be seen that indulging in games is not necessarily because the game is too attractive, but because you can't get more sense of achievement in life.

that week was happy and painful, because the mouth was laughing, but the eyes were blurred, and I couldn't see our future.

I said to her, "I have to go back to the office this afternoon, but I think it's the same with me or me. Do you think I'm going back?"

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at that moment, I found that she knew everything.

and she is still foolishly thinking that I went back that day because of the meeting, not because of her.

because we are not at all sure that such secrets will have any adverse effects on intimate relationships in the future.

until recently, when we watched a video of "revealing ourselves" shot by Jessie Bond, we felt a deep sense of intimacy from sincerity to "boldness" at this end of the screen.

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