A real man will not compromise because of a saury.

A real man will not compromise because of a saury.

Go ahead, be yourself.


in addition, she won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress and the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Actress.

what's more, Ye Dexian is not only a superb actress, but also an excellent singer.

in 2004, the song "imperfections in the Beauty" won the Hong Kong Top Song Award.

but contrary to her great achievements, she is not well-known.

but such a powerful but unknown artist is admired by Sunny Brother Xinsheng.

he told me like a fan: "the artists I like are all unpackaged and, in your words, are powerful."

at that time I thought to myself, this is really a man of vision.

Brother Sunny, born in 1983, is the owner of a wine house.

"this saury is very fat. Where can I buy such fresh fish around here?" I asked.

"what kind of saury do you want?"

"it's not good. I don't need it." His voice raised a tone as he said this.

but think about it. He is not only a boss but also a cook.


We later learned that Brother Sunny is still doing things related to craft beer recently.

Industrial beer, which is commonly seen on the market, is characterized by short fermentation time and the pursuit of taste standardization.

after dinner, we went to their craft beer store together.

"now there are more than 300 kinds of beer, and industrial beer is only one of them." Ben next to me told me that he was one of Brother Sunny's partners.

however, even though the taste and taste of craft beer is higher than that of industrial beer, because the cost is too high and there are too few channels to buy, craft beer is not widely available in China.

"before I opened this store, I had a shop of about 20 square meters. Once Sunny came to my place for a drink. I tried many kinds of beer for him. We had a good chat, and then we got to know each other." Ben said.

he took a sip of wine and then said, "there is another very important reason why we work together. At that time, Sunny told me that drinking was not worthy of snacks. I really felt that there was something missing. Then we opened this restaurant together. He was in charge of the research and development of snacks, and I was in charge of the craft brewing."

he has two standards:

then be sincere, not those semi-finished products, and give them to the guests as soon as they are stung by the microwave oven.

for example, Brother Sunny, in order to make drinking fine wine a more enjoyable thing, will specially study snacks that can be matched with fine brewing.

he didn't even think about it. "I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who want to try some different beer."


Brother Sunny and his big Ben

"at that time, the wine house had just started and didn't have a lot of money on hand. But when I bought GLASUV, I really didn't hesitate at all. The deposit was paid in twenty minutes, waiting to pick up the car. "

he touched his "girlfriend" and said:

"all the time, the performance is really strong enough to run around doing business." As soon as you step on the throttle, the push back feeling is very exciting, it is really full of vitality, it is no exaggeration, do you want to come up and try it? "

to tell you the truth, my dream since childhood was Mercedes-Benz. When I was a child, I heard people say that Mercedes-Benz was good. When I grow up, I really feel that choosing a car is like choosing a person's life. I am always convinced of Mercedes-Benz's rigor and Mercedes-Benz quality.

is the answer to that sentence. For Mercedes-Benz GLASUV, it begins with appearance, gets stuck in performance, and is loyal to ideas.

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after I met Brother Sunny, I had a different view of the word "born fearless".

it is certainly good to be warm-blooded and ambitious.

there is a natural fearlessness, which is to know yourself and then know what you want to do.

go wild in a controllable environment, break through the rules of life, and find your most primitive share of natural fearlessness.