A cartoon watching and crying all adults.

A cartoon watching and crying all adults.

Good night.

A friend happened to see it today, and I asked him how he felt.

" cried."

so I also bought a ticket, took the bus for half an hour and went to the cinema to watch this adult animation.

the protagonist is a little boy named MIG.

he likes music, but he is not supported by his family. He can only guard that love silently. The days of concealment did not last long. When Grandma discovered the secret, she broke MIG's guitar to her face.

MIG ran out crying.

I formed a band in college, but my family said I didn't do my job.

there is a world of the undead in the movie, where there are many dead people who exist in the form of the undead.

if even the undead have disappeared, it means that this person has been forgotten by everyone.

disappearing is a more terrible thing than death.

the dead person can still live in people's memory, but if he disappears, then he really has no trace in this world.

there is a line in the King of Thief:

when do you think people will die? When he was shot through the heart? When you catch an incurable disease? When drinking the soup made from highly poisonous shiitake mushrooms? All wrong.

is by someone else. when you forget.

finally, the film is called COCO, which is a person's name.

this person is MIG's great grandmother, the old lady who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, wrinkles, glassy eyes and speechless all day long.

but such an old man is so old that he forgets everything, but still remembers who his father is, what he looks like, and what his name is.

she dare not forget, because she is the last person in the world to remember him. If she forgets, then her father is really dead.

seeing this, I secretly wiped away my tears by taking advantage of the darkness in the cinema.

I attended Grandma's funeral when I was very young.

I only know that Grandma is Grandma. I don't know what her name is.

suddenly I feel very sad. It turns out that it is so easy to forget when a person grows old and leaves.

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good night.

Liu Bai

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